What Time Does Walgreens Pharmacy Close?

What time does Walgreens pharmacy open? And what time does Walgreens pharmacy close? Many customers asking these questions because of Walgreens Pharmacy’s opening and closing hours are more fluctuate as compared to the other national pharmacy stores.

Walgreens pharmacy provides the best pharmaceutical services nationwide. The chain believes in the quality of products as well as customer satisfaction. Besides, the pharmacy chain offers medicines at relatively low-price.

What time does Walgreens pharmacy close?

Usually, the Walgreens pharmacy stores opening and closing hours are varying with the store location. The stores working hours largely depend on regional interest and effortless convenience.

Before we go in deep to what time does Walgreens pharmacy close? Let’s first find, what time does Walgreens pharmacy open?

What Time Does Walgreens Pharmacy Open?

No, anybody prepares itself to be ill, but all of us may require medical services at any moment. Walgreens is a national pharmacy store chain, providing quality drugs. Before visiting their store, check out the Walgreens working hours in advance.

By knowing the Walgreens operating hours, you can save your time and money. So It is wise to find out the exact business hours in advance.

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Let answer the most common question, What time does Walgreens Pharmacy open today? Below we listed the Walgreen pharmacy hours during the regular working days.

Usually, Walgreen stays open the whole week. The pharmacy chain opens from mid-morning until late evening. Furthermore, this generic timing schedule may alter if a public holiday falls among the weekdays.

Monday09:00 am
Tuesday09:00 am
Wednesday09:00 am
Thursday09:00 am
Friday09:00 am
Saturday09:00 am
Sunday10:00 am

The above table shows the generic Walgreen opening and closing timing schedule from Monday through Sunday. Now you plan your visit accordingly during the regular working day.

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What Time Does Walgreens Pharmacy Close?

The Walgreen pharmacy closing time alters numerous times during the week. Usually, its working hours alter by the store location.

What time does Walgreen pharmacy close during the weekdays? Generally, Walgreen closing hours are 10:00 pm from Monday through Friday, while few locations operate until midnight. During Saturdays and Sundays, the chain reduced its closing times to 06:00 pm.

Monday To Friday Closing Times10:00 pm
Saturday Closing Times06:00 pm

What Time Does Walgreens Pharmacy Close On Sunday?

Walgreens Drug Stores also operates during the weekends like other usual working days. But the majority of stores close early as compared to the regular working hours. Below discover, What time does Walgreens pharmacy open and close on Sunday?

What Time Does Walgreens Pharmacy Close On Sunday?06:00 pm

Walgreens Pharmacy 24 Hours:

At this time, several Walgreens pharmacy stores also operate even 24 hours a day. Without a doubt, the stores also offer drive-thru services.

To discover the Walgreens 24 hours of pharmacy stores, you need to visit the official pharmacy store locator. Next, enable the filter option and search for 24 hours pharmacies.

As you choose your desired store, you can also get the store phone number, address as well as the direction from your current location.

Walgreens Hours During Coronavirus COVID-19:

The majority of Walgreens pharmacy stores operate 09:00 am to 09:00 pm during the COVID-19. So it is advisable to visit only during these specific hours.

During this health emergency, several Walgreens stores also available for 24 hours drive-thru. But the front of all stores will be close at the 09:00 pm.

Walgreens Pharmacy Holiday Hours:

During the public holidays, all the national business either entirely close or alter their working hours. In the same way, Walgreens also alter its working hours. So most of the customers worry about the Walgreens pharmacy operating hours.

Like many other businesses, Walgreens pharmacy also adjusts its working hours during the holiday season. The national pharmacy chain remains open on the majority of holidays.

It is always recommended to know the Walgreens holiday schedule and determine when to visit the pharmacy store. Typically, their stores available to customers during the below mentioned holidays.

New Year’s DayIndependence Day
Memorial DayBlack Friday
Good FridayLabor Day
Veteran’s DayColumbus Day
Christmas EveHalloween

More often, the pharmacy chain reduces or increases its working hours during special occasions. So it is wise to call your local store and confirm its working hours.

What holidays are Walgreens closed on?

The Walgreen pharmacies stay close for a few holidays.

Christmas DayThanksgiving Day
Easter Sunday

What time does Walgreens close on public holidays?

The Walgreens pharmacy only closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Sunday. Besides these holidays, Walgreens pharmacy available with alters working hours during the public holidays.

Walgreens Pharmacy Near Me:

To find the Walgreens nearest store, you can utilize the official store locator and Google Maps. First, visit the official store locator, enter your city name, or zip code then select your nearest location from the list.

As a result, you would find your local store phone number, operating hours, and directions from your current location.

About The Company:

Walgreens pharmacy is the 2nd biggest drugstore chain in the USA, it is just behind CVS Health. The pharmacy chain operates on more than 9300 locations. The firm established in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Its main office locates in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois.


What time does Walgreens pharmacy open? Usually, the Walgreen pharmacy stores open in late morning 09:00 am from Monday throughout Saturday.

What time does Walgreens pharmacy close? The majority of Walgreens pharmacy stores are close at 10:00 am from Monday through Friday. Furthermore, some stores open until midnight, while several even available 24 hours a day. However, during the Saturday and Sunday, the Walgreen pharmacy store closes at 06:00 pm.