Marshalls Holiday Hours | What Time Does Marshalls Close?

Marshalls is a fashion retailer chain in the United States and Canada. The retail chain experts in the latest clothing designs, fashion accessories, home improvement products, and footwear.
What time does Marshalls open and close? What are the Marshalls hours Today? So, check the Latest Marshalls hours today before heading to your local stores. Therefore here, we’ll explore the Marshalls Holiday Hours, Sunday hours, the opening and closing times.
Moreover, we’ll also discover the Marshalls Holiday hours on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Usually, most of the local stores alter their operating hours during the public holiday in the United States. So, its always better to check the Marshalls holiday hours in advance, instead of wasting your time and money.

Marshalls Review:

If you are walking on the aisles of Marshalls, it is nearly impossible to leave the retailer store without buying anything. As the Marshalls promises “never boring, always surprising.” The American retailer announces big deals on the most advanced fashion items, beauty products, and home trending products. It trades the most advanced products for a low-price. It does not indicate, they compromise on the product quality.

The Below video may help you to know about the latest fashion items. So, watch the video till the end, after that, we’ll deeply explore the Marshalls holiday hours.

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What time does Marshalls open and close?

Short Answer: Normally, Marshalls stores open at 09:30 in the morning and close at 09:30 in the evening through Monday to Saturday. While on Sunday, the stores open at 11:00 AM and close at 08:00 PM.

Based on some regional demands, standard mall hours and many other conditions can affect its timing schedule. So, Marshalls hours can vary a little from a particular location to the next one. So, keep reading ahead.

What Time Does Marshalls Open And Close?

Marshalls is the second-largest off-price apparel and fashion chain in the United States. Its held by the TJX Companies. The chain has more than 1000 stores, within 42 American States. The company expanded in Canada in 2011 and now obtains 61 stores.

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Typically, Marshall’s stores open at 09:30 in the daytime and close 09:30 in the nighttime from Monday throughout Saturday. Presently, the retailer stores operate on Sunday with its working hours 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM.

Monday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM
Tuesday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM
Wednesday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM
Thursday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM
Friday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM
Saturday09:30 AM – 09:30 PM

However, there are many timing variations according to the store location. It is a smart way to verify Marshall’s hours today with your regional town store. Moreover, the stores available in a big city work separately from the schedule mentioned above. For example, many stores observed in New York City open at 08:00 AM, which is much prior then the standard 09:30 AM initiating time. So it is more beneficial to confirm the Marshalls holiday hours and regular operating hours from its official website.

Marshalls stores open and close times

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Marshalls Sunday Hours:

This fashion chain is available for business on Sunday. Its working hours reduced as compared to the regular working days. Usually, Marshalls Sunday hours are 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM.

Marshalls Sunday Hours 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Marshalls Holiday Hours:

Marshalls did a tremendous amount of business during the holiday season. Additionally, it also offers a large number of deals during public holidays. So, it tries to continue its business during those days. Usually, this American departmental store operates from mid-morning to early evening.

Marshalls holiday hours are distinct as compare to other national businesses. Generally, it open for most holidays with reduced or extended hours with some exceptions. Whereas, a particular location may open late or close early unexpectedly.

Marshalls Holiday Hours | Open:

Generally, Marshalls locations stay open for business during the public holidays with some exceptions. It remains open on the following listed holidays.

Black Friday Mardi Gras
 Christmas Eve Memorial Day
 Cinco de Mayo Mother’s Day
 Columbus Day New Year’s Day
 Easter Monday President’s Day
 Father’s Day St. Patrick’s Day
 Good Friday Tax Day
 Halloween Valentines Day
 Independence Day (4th of July) Veteran’s Day
 Labor Day 

Marshalls may reduce or extend its operating hours during the above listed holidays. Usually, during the days leading to Christmas and Black Friday, they have increased their working hours. However, each location preserves the right to adjust its operating hours as they consider to be essential. If you plan to visit the Marshalls store too early or too late during the holidays, then it is wise to call ahead.

Marshalls Holiday Hours | Close:

Marshalls favor staying open on the public holidays because that is its busy period. Nevertheless, it is close only on a few holidays. So it is necessary to know its particular holiday schedule.

Christmas DayEaster Sunday
Thanksgiving Day 

Marshalls Near Me Store Hours:

Marshalls works on more than 1000 locations in the United States. If you need to find your nearest Marshalls store, then it can be done with the help of two handy tools; official store locator and Google Maps. First, visit its official store locator.

Then Enter your Zip code, city name, and street address. Hence, pick your nearest store location from the panel. You’ll get Marshall’s store address, phone number and operating hours. Furthermore, by choosing the google maps, you can get the store shortly from your current location.

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About The Company:

Marshalls is an American off-price fashion retailer chain, owned by TJX Companies. The Company began in the year 1956 and has grown to over 1000 stores in the United States and 61 locations in Canada. Today, Marshalls is the second-largest fashion dealer, only after its associate company, TJ Maxx. The retailer rises with the expression “Never Boring Always Surprising.” Marshalls offers you attractive merchandise at unexpected prices each particular day.

Customer Support:

In case you need to get more verified knowledge about Marshalls holiday hours or regular opening hours today. Then below we provide you the retailer address, phone number, and official website.

Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Customer Support Address:
770 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701, USA

Customer Support Phone Number:
Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-926-6299 (Mon-Fri 9 am – 6 pm EST)
Complaint Phone Number: 1-888-627-7425

Official Website & Email: (USA) (Canada)
[email protected]

How To Save More Money At Marshall’s:

Marshalls is a well-known fashion retailer offering amazing prices. But many customers happy to save more extra money on purchasing. Luckily, you can follow the below steps to bring down your purchasing bill.

  • Get a Marshalls reward card to earn points
  • Signup for emails alerts of latest coupons codes
  • Go to the withdrawal section for more extensive discounts

By following the above suggestions, you can get more extra discounts while shopping at Marshall’s.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

What time does Marshalls open and close?
Typically, Marshalls stores open at 09:30 am and close at 09:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Although on Sunday, it opens at 11:00 am and closes at 08:00 pm.

What are Marshalls Sunday hours?
All Marshalls stores available for business on Sunday, its working hours reduced to 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM.

What is Marshalls Christmas Eve Hours?
Usually, Marshalls operates with extended hours as compared to regular operating hours during the days leading to Christmas.

What are Marshalls Holiday Hours?
Normally, Marshalls functions with lessened or prolonged opening and closing hours during the holiday season. For example, during the Black Friday and the days leading to Christmas, it has extended hours. In contrast, Marshalls decreased its business hours on Labor Day.

What are Marshalls opening and closing hours today?
As noted above, Marshalls opening and closing hours for today are; 09:30 am – 09:30 pm ( Monday – Saturday) while Sunday hours 11:00 am – 08:00 pm.

Does Marshalls open on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day?
No, all the stores close on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.


What time does Marshalls open and close? In short, Marshalls stores open at 09:30 am and close at 09:30 pm throughout the weekdays. While on Sundays, it operates from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. Furthermore, Marshalls stores close on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Besides these holidays, it stays open on all other public holidays in the United States.

However, Marshalls holiday hours may a little fluctuate with the locations. Because the stores keep the right to modify their operating hours as they believe necessary.


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