The Halal Guys Hours: Latest Working Schedule 2020

If you are like to enjoy the most delicious halal fast-food in the United States, then The Halal Guys is a more suitable choice for you. The Halal Guys pull the halal meat-lovers due to its unique flavors. But before you visit the cart or restaurant, first know the Halal Guys hours in advance.

Find out what time does Halal Guys open? And what time does Halal Guys close? Here we’ll come to know the Halal Guys hours during the weekdays as well as during Saturdays and Sundays. Furthermore, also know the Halal Guys holiday hours and opening and closing time on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday, etc

The Halal Guys Hours:

By knowing the Halal Guys hours, can be useful to reach the beanery at the accurate time. As the chain serves at plenty of outlets, you might face challenges to figure out your nearest Halal Guys hours.

But most outlets match the below-mentioned working schedule with some exceptions. Mostly, the Halal Guys operating hours vary from 13 to 15 hours a day.

At most locations, the restaurant opens in the late morning and closes in the late evening. However, some locations also serve up to midnight.

A Halal Guys administrator talk with Nearid last week, he stated “The Halal Guys hours may fluctuate from one location to the next because eatery operates as franchises. So, the individual franchise owner has a right to adjust its working hours if necessary.”

For this reason, the Halal Guys timings may alter by the cart location. Below we listed a generic working schedule, that the maximum outlets follow this schedule. But it is always wise to call your local restaurant and confirm its working hours.

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What Time Does Halal Guys Open?

Usually, the maximum outlets open at 11:00 am for customers. While many outlets also start selling food from 10:00 am and 10:30 am. If you want to enjoy the best halal food, then it is better to visit after 11:00 am.

Generally, the restaurant and carts opening time vary from location to the next. Therefore, we always encourage you to call ahead or check the official website before you visit the restaurant.

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What Time Does Halal Guys Close?

What time does Halal Guys close? A specific and more accurate answer to the aforementioned question isn’t easy. The restaurant and carts’ closing time mostly depends on the local consumers’ demand and market closing time.

As the restaurant operates as franchises, each franchise has its own decided closing time. Consequently, the restaurant closing time varies from 09:00 pm to 02:00 am. Therefore it is wise to check out from the official website.

The Halal Guys Hours Sunday:

The Halal Guys restaurants and carts are also available on Saturday and Sunday. The majority of locations extend their working hours during the weekends. Therefore the outlets expand its closing hours than regular working days.

On the other hand, several restaurants also reduce their working hours on Sundays. So call your local spot or visit the official website.

Does The Halal Guys open on Thanksgiving Day?

Yes, their maximum locations remain available on Thanksgiving Day. However, the local outlet may alter its working hours as compared to the regular working days.

Does The Halal Guys open on Christmas Day?

Yes, all their locations stay open during Christmas Day with modified working hours.

About the Restaurant:

The Halal Guys is a halal fast-food cart chain, established in 1990 as a hot dog cart by Mohamed Abouelenein and Ahmed Elsaka. Later in 1992, the Halal Guys shifted from hot dog cart to the latest food of chicken, pita, gyro meat, and rice, etc.

The Halal Guys serves halal food at more than 200 locations in the United States. The restaurant is well-known for its uses of halal ingredients. Its food flavors match to the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The Halal Guys Inc.
10-02 34th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11106

Phone Number:
Tel: 347-527-1505
Fax: 718-777-7785

Official Email Address:
[email protected]

Official Website;


What time does Halal Guys open? Usually, the Halal Guys open at 10:00 am the hole week. What time does Halal Guys close? In short, the Halal Guys, closing time varies from 09:00 pm to 02:00 am depending on the restaurant and cart location. So call ahead to your local restaurant and confirm The Halal Guys hours before your visit.

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