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Does Chase Bank Exchange Foreign Currency Dollars-Euros

Does Chase Bank exchange foreign currency? OR can I exchange US Dollars for Euros at my local chase bank branch? These are the most common questions, while most of the travelers asked. In this article, we’ll try to cover all the similar questions.

Where Can I Exchange Dollars For Euros In The US:

There are Just several other countries in the world, where the local trade is in U.S. dollars. Thus before you travel abroad, change US Dollars to the currency of the country you want to travel.

Chase bank dollars for euros exchange

Nearly every abroad traveler requires to switch currency at any point throughout their journey. If you don’t know the exchange rates, it can be very costly for you. Exchanging currency at the hotel or any currency exchange stall can be costly for you. Because it involves lower exchange rates and high charges. So it is better to exchange currency in a local bank inside the United States.

Indeed, in your return back to the USA, if you have some of that overseas currency left. Then you may want to exchange that foreign money back in U.S. dollars. Here, you have numerous alternatives to do so.

Does Chase Bank Exchange Foreign Currency?

Does Chase Bank exchange foreign currency?  YES! According to the bank website, anyone can be capable to purchase and trade foreign currency. However, you’ll require to visit their nearest local branch.

Chase Bank Near Me Hours

Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and the bank of America have almost the same rates roughly 15% below from the currency stalls and by Travelex kiosks. While the Travelex kiosks at the different plaza malls and inside the airports cost more fees. We place them all at the peak of less favorable rates in comparison to banks.

According to the JP Morgan Chase Bank official website, the bank will deduct the money in USD from your chase bank account. First, you need to own an account at the Chase bank.

Secondly, the local branch needs foreign currency from the main branch. Therefore it may take up to 3 working days to arrive. So, it is not a single day transaction. However, you can also get the foreign money at your mailing address with a fee of approximately $10. In case if your transaction is more than $1,000.

So this is expected, the cheaper and reliable approach to gain your foreign currency. But you must visit your local branch twice.

If you’re traveling to a country that becomes under restrictions. Then the Chase bank may unable to access that currency. Likewise, the currency from several African and Eastern European countries can just switch at those nations’ banks.

Can I Exchange Dollars For Euros At Chase Bank?

Before traveling to Europe, you must decide where to get the best dollar to the euros exchange rate to save some money. In my opinion, you can get the lowest charges and the most favorable exchange rate at your local JP Morgan Chase bank branch. While exchanging money at airports, hotels, or any tourist spots are normally the most expensive.

Money in Europe: What You Should Know Before You Go

Can I exchange dollars for euros at JP Morgan Chase Bank Local Branch?

Of course, the Chase bank will exchange the dollars to euros for you, if you own a savings or checking account with them. If you don’t have an account at the chase bank, first open an account. Because the currency exchange rate at your local JP Morgan Chase bank branch is normally more economical than doing a money exchange at the airport.

Moreover, Chase bank and Several other banks such as Bank of America and Citibank may not tax a fee for a money exchange like $1000 and above. Besides, JP morgan chase extends opportunities to mail you the foreign currency or making an online transaction.

Chase Bank’s Foreign Exchange Rate:

In general, the bank rates are slightly lower than that of a kiosk and other currency stalls at the mall and airports. As the currency rates change every day. So it is better to check the dollar and Euro exchange rate from the Chase bank official website. Furthermore, contact bank representatives by making a phone call (877 226-0071) and ask for their current Dollars and Euros exchange rates. Also, discover the currency exchange rates of the bank of America.


In my opinion, utilizing a credit card is one of the more cost-effective and secure access to pay cash while outside of the United States. Especially, if you hold any premium card such as Platinum Amex or Visa Infinite.

If still, you need to exchange dollars for euros at JP Morgan Chase bank, then you need a checking or savings account with them. Moreover, you must request your local branch 3 – 4 business days prior.

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  1. I just ordered foreign currency with Chase March 6, 2020. I will never do so again and in fact, due to their other foreign transaction fees which are amongst the highest of any bank, I plan on switching banks. For example, any ATM withdrawal overseas costs $5 PLUS a 3% fee.

    I paid a $0.08 per Euro and British Pound AND I was only allowed to order the currency in-person at a branch. They do let you pay directly from your checking or savings account still. My wife on the other hand, who has Bank of America, was easily able to order online from her BofA mobile app AND only paid $0.04 per foreign dollar. Literally half what I was charged. Never again, Chase.

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