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Is The Bank Of America Open Today – BOA Holiday Hours

Is The Bank Of America Open Today? If you are looking for Bank of America hours of operation today, holiday hours, opening hours on Saturday or what time does the bank of America open and close? Then you are in the right place.
Meanwhile, we’ll also cover the bank holiday schedule. Likewise, does the bank of America opens on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Day?

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Is the bank of America open today? OR What time does the bank of America open today?

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Banking Review:

If you’re fresh to banking or regarding to shift your banks, you reasonably know the Bank of America. It is one of the most formidable names in the banking industry. It almost offers similar to the competitors, from monitoring your account to the rewards-earning credit cards. Plus, it has a large number of branches and ATMs networks nationally. However, the bank of America gives many significant similarities with competitors.

Should you decide to proceed with Bank of America? The following video will clarify most of your inquiries. So, watch the below video. Next, we’ll go toward the Bank of America hours and holiday schedule in detail.

Bank of America Head of Digital Banking: Moving to Mobile | Mad Money | CNBC

Is the bank of America open today?

Short Answer:

This American national bank operates under standard banking hours. The banks follow the Federal Reserve System and the American national bank’s holiday schedule nationally. So the bank of America open at 09:00 in the morning and close at 04:00 in the evening from Monday to Thursday. While extending the business hours on Friday. In contrast to Friday, the bank open for limited hours on Saturday and Sunday is off.

Long answer. Keep reading on.

Is The Bank Of America Open Today?

The bank of America operates under the US standard banking hours of operation. It follows the Federal Reserve System for banking hours and holiday schedules.

The leading American bank operates on more than 4700 branches, 16000 ATM’s in the 37 states. So you just need to have a look at the bank of America hours of operation today before you visit your local branch.

bank of america holiday hours today

The operating hours of the bank of America are the same as other national banks. Exactly, most of their branches open at 09:00 AM and closes at 04:00 PM through Monday to Thursday. Moreover, this leading bank extends the hours of operation on Friday and decreases business hours on Saturday. Whereas, many several branches located in the major cities also opens at 08:30 AM and close at 06:00 PM through Monday to Friday. While Saturdays and Sundays are off.

Monday09:00 AM  –  04:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM  –  04:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM  –  04:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM  –  04:00 PM

On the other hand, the bank customer support operates 24/7 hours a week. But the physical branches have pretty separate operating hours. Therefore i recommend you verify the hours of operation today from the bank of America official website.

Is The Bank of America Open On Saturday?

Bank of America extends its operating hours on Friday and decrease working hours on Saturday. Likewise, the majority of local banks operate on Saturday for limited hours. Similarly, BOA also remains open on Saturday.

Bank of America opening hours on Saturday are; 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM. Although Sunday is completely off, both for customers and employees.

Bank of America Friday Hours09:00 AM  –   05:00 PM
Bank of America Saturday Hours09:00 AM  –   01:00 PM

There are Several branches remain closed on Saturday. while several branches may alter their business hours on Friday and Saturday. So it is most important to verify the Bank of America operating hours on Saturday for your local branch.

Is the bank of America open on Sunday?
No, all their branches remain closed on Sunday. However, the customer support department and ATM’s operate for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BoA Near Me and Its Working Hours:

If you have decided to use the first-class services of BoA. First, you need to find your nearest branch that much closer to your location. In this case, you can use the two handy tools; the Bank of America branch Locator and Google Maps.

  • First, visit the official BoA branch and ATM locator.
  • Enter your credentials like your Zip code, city name or street address.
  • Finally, pick your nearest branch. Undoubtedly, you would find the BoA branch address, phone number, and working hours.

Bank of America near me hours locators

Next, you can also get direction from your current location by clicking the google maps option.

Bank Of America Holiday Hours:

As mentioned above, the bank of America follows the Federal Reserve System holiday schedule in the United States. Normally, it remains shut on the federal holidays.

Likewise, most of the national banks, BOA also identify particular federal holidays. Every Bank and financial center practices the same holiday calendar. It indicates all of the financial places lock on the same days, careless of where is their physical place.

Bank Of America Holiday Hours | Close:

Just like other national banks, the bank of America also remains closed on the following holidays. The Bank will be shut on the holidays specified under. If any holiday that not mentioned below, it will stay open on that particular holiday.

DateDayOpened / Closed
January 1, 2020New Year’s DayClosed
January 20, 2020Martin Luther King Jr. DayClosed
February 17, 2020Presidents’ DayClosed
May 25, 2020Memorial DayClosed
July 4, 2020Independence DayClosed
September 7, 2020Labor DayClosed
October 12, 2020Columbus DayClosed
November 11, 2020Veteran’s DayClosed
November 26, 2020Thanksgiving DayClosed
December 25, 2020ChristmasClosed
January 1, 2021New Year’s DayClosed

You can utilize the above discussed holiday schedule and organize your business activities. Equally important, verify these details with your local branch. Besides, the bank of America holiday schedule also available in the calendar applications for iOS, Android and other similar applications.

Bank Of America Holiday Hours | Open:

The bank of America stays open on the following public holidays in the United States.

Christmas EveEaster Monday
Good FridayTax Day
Black FridayMardi Gras
HalloweenValentines Day
Cinco de MayoMother’s Day
Father’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day

Is the bank of America open on Columbus Day?

No, it remains closed on the Columbus day like many other banks. However, the Chase bank operate on this special day.

What Bank Of America Offers:

Bank of America is one of the best financial institutions in the United States. It is the largest bank domestically (United States). It is operating on 4,700 branch locations in 37 states and also adds $1.5 billion in national deposits.

BoA offers three different sorts of checking accounts. Even though the majority of people just require to hold its main Core Checking Account. The BoA Core Checking Account needs $25 to initiate and costs $17 monthly fees. Its advantages include a safe way to the thousands of branches and ATMs machines. Additionally, provides great mobile and online policies for managing your business remotely.

Likewise other banks, you can utilize the bank mobile application to perform cash deposits, transfer money, pay bills and track your activities. These characteristics are very helpful. However, they don’t discriminate BoA in any meaningful way from other competitors.

This bank is adequate for you if you want to blend your finances in one accessible location. But if you’re seeking to gain the highest interest rate. Then you need to search for other banks and open a savings account. Bank of America doesn’t give anything more solid option than its opponents.

The great feature of a savings account is a high percentage of interest rate. But the Bank of America gives little profit here as well. Its interest rates are disappointing. Their interest rate does not exceed 0.01%. On the other hand, you’ll necessitate at least $100,000 in your bank account to gain the maximum interest rate of 0.06%.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ):

  • Is the bank of America open today?
    The BoA operates under the standard banking hours. It follows the operating and holiday schedule of the Federal Reserve System inside the United States. So, if today is not a Sunday or any other federal holiday then, of course, the bank of America will remain open.

  • What time does the bank of America Open and close today?
    Usually, the Bank of America opens at 09:00 in the morning and close 04:00 in the evening from Monday to Friday. While the bank extends the working hours on Friday and decreases on Saturday. Additionally, it’s close on Sunday. Whereas, several particular branches located in the major cities operate on 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM through Monday to Friday. But Saturday and Sunday are closed.

  • What are the bank of America Saturday hours of operation?
    The Bank of Amerca operates on the Saturday for limited hours of operation. Its Saturday hours of operation are: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM.

  • What time does Bank of America close on Christmas Eve?
    Generally, the bank of America open at 09:00 AM and close at 01:00 Pm on Christmas Eve.

BoA Customer Support:

If you require some specific information about the Bank of America hours of operation today. So, below we provide you the customer support address, phone number, and direct contact links to contact them easily.

100 North Tryon Stree Charlotte, NC 28255

Phone Number:
Customer service: 315-724-4022
Credit card support: 800 732 9194


Bank of America Live Chat:
Bank of America also presents a live chat option for its customers. You can chat with the bank representative by signing in to Online Banking. After that simply click the “Help & Support” tab, and subsequently choose to “Contact us.”


In Short, always check the bank of America hours of operation for today before plan your business activities. Undoubtedly, it follows the Federal Reserve System’s timing and holiday schedule.

What time does the bank of America open and close today? As noted above, the bank hours are 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM through Monday to Thursday. While on Friday, they extend their operating hours to 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM. In contrast to Friday, the bank reduces their business hours on Saturday to 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM and Sundays are completely off.

What time does the bank of America open and close in Major cities? Whereas many financial centers located in the larger cities, their hours of operation are 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM from Monday to Friday. But Saturday and Sunday are closed.

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